Dress up in your best or relax and unwind after a hard day. Our beautiful vintage style cocktail lounge has an unfailing cocktail menu. Designed to excite the eyes as well as the taste buds, our cocktails will blow your mind and quite possibly your legs too.

If your tipple is something more traditional, we also offer a tremendous selection of handpicked wines, spirits, ciders and beers from local and international breweries. And if you like a little fizz, our Prosecco is forever flowing.

From Wednesdays through to Saturdays, the lights go down and the volume goes up with talented artists hitting the stage at 9pm, providing a lively atmosphere for those wanting to celebrate. Whether you join us earlier for a bite to eat, or head straight for the bar, there is always something great going on at Miss Jones. A perfect excuse for you to come out and raise a glass with us.


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If you are joining us, remember to have a great time and drink sensibly.