History of Miss Jones

There are not one, but two Miss Jones to this story.  Say Hello to Miss Dorrie Jones and Miss Paulina Jones!

Dorrie and Paulina were farmers daughters, born early 1900s in Ceredigion. As a family of 9 siblings, the girls had to find another way of supporting themselves and bought Forest Farm Dairy. Later on they bought this building and opened up an ice cream parlour and tea room, which they ran until 1996. The two ladies known to the town both as Miss Jones, never married, and stayed together their whole lives.

The Jones family were originally butchers, and their brother Cadwagan ran W.C.Jones the butcher in Pentyrch. The company that now owns the family butchers have given us their blessing to use the name.

We are delighted to call the place Miss Jones and to bring back the legacy of the two Miss Jones’ of Whitchurch.